Creve Coeur Voter

W H Y Creve Coeur Voter

The City of Creve Coeur publishes a nice newsletter and has a very good website. These vehicles do a good job of informing the public about events, necessities such as trash pickup, leaf vacuuming, etc., and decisions that have been made by the City Government, such as zoning changes and business permits. However they do not fully report on the deliberations that led to these decisions. They do not discuss dissenting or alternative viewpoints, except as the minutes of the Commission and Council meetings are summarized in the website. These minutes are not published until after they are approved at the next meeting, after two weeks or more. An issue may be decided before the residents become well informed on the debate. Further, it is a laborious process to read the minutes on the website. Local newspapers do not report on Creve Coeur issues until long after the time for the public to have a maximum impact on the process.

On the “Meeting Notes” pages, (CCV) will provide timely and usable information on the deliberations and issues being considered by the City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission. CCV will focus on the key issues, not routine business. CCV will also provide analysis of the issues. This analysis will include aspects of the issues which are not discussed at the meetings. Analysis may reveal details that should have more consideration. Analysis may congeal comments of residents into a more forceful statement. Analysis may spur additional citizen input- this is an objective of CCV.

On the “Editorials” pages, CCV will look at the bigger picture. How are the Commissions and City Council performing? Are their decisions reflecting the citizens’ wishes, or are they pursuing personal priorities? CCV will advocate its “Vision” in editorials. As CCV’s vision differs from the official Creve Coeur plans in many respects, these editorials will bring to light alternatives that may not be considered by the City administration absent resident input. CCV will encourage direct resident input as well as feedback through CCV. CCV will forward e-mails to appropriate officials and tabulate opinions expressed. Finally, at election time, CCV will interview candidates on key issues, publish positions, and endorse candidates.

CCV has observed that residents are not hesitant to get involved on an issue that directly affects their neighborhood. In many cases the resident speakers at City meetings leave the building feeling that they have been ignored. However, the next meeting brings different issues and different speakers. CCV hopes to facilitate resident participation and input in more decisions across the City. CCV encourages residents to help other neighborhoods on their issues and get help in return. Let’s work together!