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    February 04, 2014
    Creve Coeur residents in the baby-boomer generation will recall the Mizerany Appliance Store ads on TV and radio with the patriarch of the Mizerany family exhorting us, "Don't be confused!"  I was reminded of that slogan at the January 27 City Council meeting when the subject of trash collection came up. That's right; trash collection is still on the agenda. Ward 2 Councilwoman Ellen Lawrence proposed that the contract for city-wide curbside trash collection be reconsidered, this time with a different slant. Residents who need valet service would not pay the $15/month service fee. They would simply notify the city to provide valet service and the city would pay the fee- no doctor's notes, no rules, no questions asked. Those who don't "opt-in" would receive curbside service and the city would save the cost of valet-service. Based on the statistics used to support the switch to curbside service in the first place, the city would save a lot of money, as "most residents are already using curbside." We heard that over and over again.

    But, to get to the confusion, after Lawrence outlined her proposal, Ward 4 Councilwoman Jeanne Rhoades implored the Council to survey residents again before moving ahead. She said that many residents who say they want valet service are confused. This is confusing to CCV. How is it that only the many residents who want valet service are confused? Isn't it possible that some residents who say they don't want valet service are confused? For example, is it possible that some residents who said they "were already using curbside service" were thinking of the recycle and not the trash?

    More surveys would accomplish nothing. CCV, and the four Council members who voted against the valet fees, know from personal contacts that many residents are not confused at all. The overall conclusion will be the same. Many want valet service, many don't care, and a few are just envious of people with long driveways. Perhaps the only thing that could be clarified by another...

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  • Trash Contract Not Approved
    November 27, 2013
    Mayor Barry Glantz broke a  4 – 4  tie to reject the proposed 5-year trash contract that would have imposed a $15 / month fee for valet (rear-yard) service. (His remarks are posted as an editorial.) Also voting to turn down the contract were all four Council members from Wards 1 and 2: David Kreuter (W-1), Cynthia Kramer (W-1), A.J. Wang (W-2), and Ellen Lawrence (W-2). The Council members from Wards 3 and 4 who voted to approve the contract were: Robert Hoffman (W-3), Charlotte D'Alfonso (W-3), Jeanne Rhoades (W-4), and Scott Saunders (W-4). [Kreuter, Wang, and Hoffman will be eligible for re-election in...

  • Electricity Tax Reduction
    August 15, 2013
    The City Council has approved a reduction in the city tax on electricity from 7% to 5.5% for residential users. This reduction will save Creve Coeur residents $18 per year for each $100 of monthly usage. The commercial rate will remain at 7%. At 5.5% the rate will be lower than Olivette (10%) and Ladue (6.9%) and higher than Frontenac (0.5%), Town & Country (0.0%), Chesterfield (5.0%) and St. Louis County (5.0%). The tax reduction was sponsored by Jeanne Rhoades, Council member from Ward 4. Three Council members voted against the reduction- David Kreuter (W-1), Cynthia Kramer (W-1), and Ellen...

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Mission Statement
The mission of CCV is to provide timely, useful information and informed commentary about the governance of Creve Coeur. CCV's objective is to inform the public on the issues and decisions which affect everyday life in Creve Coeur and the direction that the City is taking for the future. CCV believes that an informed public will be better prepared to influence the governance of Creve Coeur through feedback to elected representatives and through the political process.

Vision for Creve Coeur
CCV supports a vision for the future of Creve Coeur. CCV believes that Creve Coeur should be a model residential community with limited population density and with commercial development targeted to the everyday needs of the residents. Limiting population density means limiting apartments, condominiums, "cluster" houses, and other zoning changes which would increase the population. Targeted development would include retail businesses focused on household needs such as groceries, hardware, pharmacy, dry cleaning, financial services, medical services, automobile services, etc., NOT high rise office buildings, regional or "big box" retail developments, etc.

CCV believes that Creve Coeur is already developed beyond its optimum capacity and that limiting and controlling additional development will maximize property values by establishing Creve Coeur as a premium residential and business location. CCV believes that additional over-development will lead to congestion, high vacancy rates, population turnover, and a decline in the quality of life in Creve Coeur.

CCV envisions reducing taxes over time by limiting the costs of government services imposed by high density development. CCV believes that city government can be downsized over time through attrition, while maintaining key services such as police, street maintenance, parks, and sanitation.

Creve Coeur still has an opportunity to be a unique community in St. Louis County- less congested than Clayton or Richmond Heights, newer and fresher than Olivette or Kirkwood, more "livable" than Chesterfield, Frontenac, or Ladue- in general smarter and better than the rest.